Friday, February 10, 2012

One Fine Day

Experience the white sand beach in Isla Del Mar Beach Resort? Wow, I could not believe real relaxation at its best. The water was super nice, I did play with the waves....
I personally do not like sunbathing but I was under the sun all day! Imagine me getting sun burnt? I would probably be super toasted. Hahahaha! But this day was an exemption. I could not resist the seawater, the white sand and sheer pleasure.

Love this day so much!!!!

I was like a kid! Hmmmmm..... 

I hope to explore nature again next time! See yah!


SailorWitch said...

We grew up with her music. I remember watching "Bodyguard" with my crush and with you and Jeneth. She's definitely part of our younger life sister :) I miss u. Hey.... I solved my problem using my artistic talent. u WILL be proud of me. Crazy witch , yeah! lOVIELLY

empressaloha said...

approve! yeah.... you are so innovative. :)

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