Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Little Act of Goodness

December 29, 2011. Home for the Aged.

My niece, Cry2 tagged along with me when I joined my batchmates in high school for an Outreach Program. VISITING THE HOME FOR THE AGED . We conducted this instead of the usual high school reunions, for a change.

I felt a fierce pain in my heart when an old man, a resident of that institution came near me and Cry2. He hugged Cry2 to the latter's surprise. My little companion was sure taken aback but I explained to her that the "Lolo" missed his "Apo" who did not pay him a visit for years now.  

The old man cried. But I knew he was happy. This is just a little act of goodness before the year ends. More for 2012!!! :)

The Lolo approached Cry2

Then he dedicated a song to his "Apo" (grandchild)...

Our visit made his day.



empressaloha said...

When i grow old, I hope to be cared by my family with such love and tenderness; not left alone, cold and sad.

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