Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reaching My Star

Towards the infinite,
I will pursue 
my dream.

I will never tire
lest give room
for cowardice.

I am the captain
of my own journey
in reaching my star -
at my fingertips.


SailorWitch said...

Inspiring. I love this at talagang me connection ang photo. Just like them, once upon a time, nangarap din tayo at unti-unti na nating nakakmit ang kinang ng ating mga bituin.

empressaloha said...

I remember what you said.... photo blogging. :)
I am happy to know that is passed a journalist's eye..... hehehe... tnx Sailor!

we have to pursue our dreams - ALWAYS. its the fuel that keeps us moving.

SailorWitch said...

That fuel is priceless! I'm going back to blog. My God nawalan na ako ng gana dito, ikaw pala ang anghel na bubuhay sa akin muli. I love u Empress!

empressaloha said...

Love you too Sailor!!! thank you for inspiring me always. YOU are my angel too!

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