Thursday, March 1, 2012

My lucky number: 837

I have mixed feelings upon hearing the most-awaited news in my life... My friends already cried with happiness, but I have not cried a tear when they called me up of the results of the Bar Exam.

PASSING THE 2011 BAR EXAM IS NOT A JOKE. It means a new life for me. I felt in my heart excitement, happiness and uneasiness! I have to be sure that I really made it and see for myself that it is really happening. That I am now a Lawyer for real!...

When I finally saw with my own two eyes the result, I was listed in number 837, I was truly overjoyed!!!! Thank You so much my Lord, my Creator for giving me this wonderful gift.

Yes!!!! I won the battle!


SailorWitch said...

Oh Myyy! Reading this again makes mefeel like crying. I am so happy for u. Lab u Sis! Congrats!

SailorWitch said...

Thank you so much Lord :) We love you :))

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