Monday, December 26, 2011

Hopes for Year 2012

The new year is too near! Gosh, I really have a lot of plans and hopes. But foremost is my passing and hopefully, topping the bar ~... Quite a big dream but makes my heart happy.

I pray for God's wisdom and guidance. Nobody can do anything perfectly without His permission. Life is filled with puzzles, and I intend to place the pieces correctly and promptly.

I pray for good health. Health is very important. For how can I enjoy everything if I am weak and plagued with disease.

I pray for happiness. It is the air that breathes life to my being. I hope to live harmoniously and blissfully with my love-ones and new found friends each day.

I pray for peace of mind. It will bring tranquility amidst a world that has a lot of trials, so that I may sleep comfortably, not disturbed by nightmares.

I pray for God's blessings. Each day and forever, so that I may be able to live my life nicely and share it with others.

I have a lot of prayers. There are a lot more. Better kept inside than said.

THESE ARE MY HOPES for the coming years of my life...


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